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Pigs facilities - such is the Polish equivalent of the title of the movie La feldmarascialla and explains everything. It is a masterpiece of comedy. At least, that sees them my humble self. The main characters are a veritable mosaic of characters. Even mention Captain Bird (Captain Hans Vogel), who hates the war, is Wiedeńczykiem, with passion pianist and constantly listens to malicious jokes and threats (for example, relating to send to the Russian front) of his superior, Major Kurt von Baum, indeed, not so much the burrowers film online interested in the war, as his new Mercedes. In addition, there is even a dumb, squinting adjutant Captain Bird of sonorous name, Fritz. It is roughly as regards German side, the wybrane niebo film online Italian side is not better. The main character, absent-minded professor Giuliano Fineschi (played by Terence Hill), a young restaurateur and tireless singer zagubieni w milosci ogladaj online Rita, and many others. We meet a man who is the male jest piekne film online starting point of the whole story. The figure no less interesting than the others, the American aviator Major Peter Hawkin. The action begins in Florence in July 1944. and takes place actually in the back wartime. In the first stage of German officers, among them the silhouette of a soldier disarming a teddy bear version of Captain Bird, fac cards. Announced to everyone's indignation alarm is triggered by the US Air Force plane in which the plane was just said Major Peter Hawkin, who eat a sandwich and then derides in a radio interview with Wehrmacht forces. His plane was the target of bullets probably fired lian ai kong huang zheng ogladaj online with machine guns at which the operator was none other than squinting Fritz hurriedly instructed by Captain Bird. After shooting down several statues, Fritz finally knocked flying object, except that it was not a plane, but & hellip; pheasant (whose role does not end) Seeing a Major, to put it mildly, not hiding his annoyance, he sat down to the rifle, and that eye was more efficient, after a while the American had to save themselves by jumping making use of his parachute & hellip; This is only the first few minutes, and the next will not be worse. Suffice it to even search the monastery where Major Hawkin landed, or the scene in which the main characters in three-wheeled motorcycle recklessly fleeing den siste revejakta ogladaj online German forces, driving through fields and singing & quot; Rozamundę & rdquo; (Polish equivalent of a song & ldquo; Bando, bando forever złączyłaś us & hellip; & rdquo ;. Amazing phrases incredibly fast paced action, brilliantly played hilarious characters, a surprising scenario and blunt humor are key to the delhi belly film online. The front fun and to show that people do not share the Germans, Americans, etc. But from the wise and foolish, for bad and good. The zwiazani film online promotes the idea that it is important to joyful life, not some meaningless military feuds. At przejscie online least as I perceive w miescie sylvii film online it. Pigs looked back for the first time when I was about 4 years old, had already aroused my passion for jednoaktowka film online and therefore only he confessed 10. Maybe someone will not understand, but now I have more than 19 years, I saw many different films, and this particular several hundred times and still is for me a masterpiece. It has for me the greatest value. Maybe I'm getting sentimental age, but this movie certainly does not and for that shadows him the most. I would recommend !!!

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